DINCH is the trusted non-phthalate plasticizer especially developed for applications with close human contact. Therefore it is the ideal solution when it comes to high safety and quality standards for use in many sensitive goods.   DINCH is recommended whenever people are in close contact with PVC products that contain plasticizers.


Phthalate ester plasticizers that long have dominated the flexible PVC market have some serious non-phthalate competition, including some newer alternatives. The phthalates’ strong market hold is losing steam —primarily in Europe, but in North America as well—industry sources say, because of health and environmental concerns, regulatory scrutiny, and increased consumer awareness. While phthalates constitute an extensive family, the two most important in terms of consumption are longtime industry workhorse di(2-ethylhexyl) phthalate (DEHP, aka DOP) and DINP (di-isonolyl phthalate).


DOTP and DINCH are two leading non-phthalate alternatives gaining significant ground.


DOTP from Jiaao offers performance equal to or better than most non-phthalates. It offers good performance properties, optimal low-temperature flexibility, and non-migration properties. However, the flexibility is not as good as phthalate plasticizers.


BASF launched Hexamoll DINCH in 2002. Thanks to its excellent toxicological profile and low migration rate, this additive has become an established plasticizer in PVC food packaging, medical devices, and toys. Now Jiaao also produce DINCH.  Chinese PVC factories can easily get DINCH plasticizer in food grade products.


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