Use And Market Development Of Fatty Alcohol Products

Senior natural fatty alcohol, is the detergent, surfactant, plastics plasticized fine chemical products such as raw material, produced by it as many as thousands of fine chemical products, widely used in chemical, petroleum, metallurgy, textile, machinery, mining, construction, plastics, rubber, leather, paper making, transport, food, medicine and health care, daily chemical industry and agriculture and other departments.

Fatty alcohols produce many derivatives.Alcohol series surfactants are the fastest developing surfactants since 1980s.As the active agent of detergent, it has such excellent properties as strong deconsolidation ability, good compatibility, low foam, easy biodegradation, resistance to hard water and good washing performance of low-temperature water. It has gradually replaced LAS and dodecyl benzene sulfonic acid and become the raw material of the third generation detergent.Here is the most representative varieties of fatty alcohol and ethylene oxide synthesis AEO3 ~ 9, etc., can also be generated and sulfonated AES, the alcoholic surfactant, wide application, high demand, and the daily life and is in close relation to the improvement of life quality for the real market and the vast potential market, therefore, for fatty alcohols, especially natural fatty alcohol production, provides a relatively broad heaven and earth.

The auxiliary agent of plastics is the auxiliary material of plastics industry, which develops with the development of plastics industry.The rapid development of China's plastic industry, is known to all, in 1985 the world consumed a variety of plastic additives 13 million tons, and plasticizer is one of the largest amount of plastic additives, plasticizer production capacity has exceeded 4.5 million tons, China's energy has exceeded 500,000 tons.In the plasticizer, the output occupies the main position the phthalate dibutyl ester (DBP) and the phthalate dioctyl ester (DOP), in the production besides USES the phthalic anhydride raw material, butanol and octyl alcohol are also the main raw material, at present our country every year consumes about 300,000 tons above butanol and octyl alcohol to produce these two kinds of plasticizer.However, butanol and octanol short carbon chain, use them to produce plasticizer in heat resistance, weather resistance, electrical insulation, etc., has far cannot meet the needs of the plastics processing industry development, at present, is to try high carbon chain fatty alcohols, such as the C10, C12, C14, C16 and C18 alcohol, instead of butanol and octanol, could produce heat resistance, weather resistance and excellent electrical insulation properties of plastic products, prompting the expansion of plastic purposes.Therefore, the application of high carbon fatty alcohol in plastic plasticizer industry is quite promising.

Natural fatty alcohol in daily chemical applications, than chemical synthesis of alcohol, the advantages of a better, compared with the two, even if all kinds of physical and chemical quality indicators are the same, but people still prefer to use natural alcohol, which has become a taste of today's "green" trend.Therefore, natural fatty alcohols are ideal raw materials in the cosmetics industry, such as the production of liquid and ointment soap, toothpaste, and cosmetic cream.


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