Use Of Cold Resistant Plasticizer

1. It is used as an auxiliary plasticizer for heat-resistant, weatherable and durable PVC products, such as roofing waterproof rolls, wire and cable materials, etc.

2. The plasticizers for non-toxic PVC products used as food packaging materials, such as non-toxic beverage bottles, refrigerator seals, medical infusion tubes and syringes, etc.

3. It is used as a stabilizer for transparent PVC products, such as the transparent PVC coating film, the surface film of the PVC floor leather, the shed film, and the packaging film.

4. Cold resistant plasticizers and polyester plasticizers are used to improve the compatibility of polyester with PVC.

5. It is used as stabilizer and metal salt stabilizer in the formula of various PVC products to play a synergistic effect and strengthen the stability. When the plasticizer is added, it can increase the flexibility, flexiability, cold resistance and elongation of the plastic. Reduce the hardness, modulus, glass transition temperature, melting point, softening temperature or flow temperature of plastic, reduce the viscosity of plastics and increase the fluidity, thus improving the processability. It can be seen from the above that the key to the effect of plasticizers as plasticizers is to reduce the force between the polymers.