Use Of Methyl Chloride

Methyl chloride, the full name of Chlorinated fatty acid methyl esters, as a new environmental protection plasticizer, the product raw materials from natural oil, in line with the current world environmental protection trend and international environmental protection requirements, and good compatibility with PVC, is a cheap and good substitute for DOP type plasticizer.

Through many years of practice in the plastics industry, the product of suzhou chenying has the characteristics of high plasticizing efficiency, good solubility, high safety coefficient and good flexibility.Widely used in all kinds of plastic film, wire, cable granulation;Gas pipe, rubber and plastic strip, heat shrinkable sleeve, foam sheet, pipe, teslin;Non-filling calendering film, printing film, artificial leather industry.

Used for PVC cable materials, PVC transparent materials, PVC profiles, polyurethane, doors, Windows and Windows sealing strips, various films, soft and hard pipe materials, plastic sandals, foam sandals, soft board, coating, glue, adhesives, decorative materials, foamed hardboard and other products using plasticizer, can reduce the production cost of enterprises by more than 30%.


Usage of methyl chloride plasticizer:

General hardware products do not need to add PVC plasticizer or less can be added.In some cases in order to improve the processing flow will choose to add a few PVC plasticizer.But if it is a soft product, you need to add a lot of PVC plasticizer.For soft products, the larger the quantity, the softer the product.

So to give you a summary is the total amount of PVC plasticizer, should be added according to the softness of the products and use, process and use environment.The total amount of plasticizer for the PVC film produced by our daily rolling process is about 50.Blow film slightly lower, generally in 45 minutes or so is enough.


What problem does chlorinated methyl ester plasticizer need to notice to use?

Compatibility between 1, plasticizer and resin, in general, the assistant only with good compatibility between tree fat: apricot to make fertilizer long-term, stable and even exist in products, exert its function effectively, if compatibility is not good, is prone to "sweat" or "bloom" phenomenon, but sometimes the bad compatibility, products not too strict, can still have poor compatibility, such as filling agent and compatibility between tree la terrible, as long as the filler particle size small, still can basically meet the performance requirements, apparently had better use coupling agent or surfactant treatment, to give full play to its function.


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