Well-preserved Complex Stabilizer For Saving Power Industry

Composite stabilizer become a lot progress in the industry benchmark, its development not only in quality improvement, progress is our development goal performance. We believe that only the composite stabilizer better preservation, to let the performance perfect play, here we save it for him knowledge related presentations.

First, these materials delivered to the site in time to ensure that these materials are subjected to rigorous sealed. On the site we must first clean-up a clean place for storing powdered pvc composite stabilizer. Because of this complex stabilizer has a very strong chemical action, in the absence of use must be sure it is not in contact with any other objects. Storage areas must be away from water. We all need to be diluted in the consumption of powdered compound stabilizers time.

Therefore, before using make sure it is not in contact with the water, or is likely to cause the material to lose their effectiveness. Storage areas need to select an open ventilated place, so as to make composite stabilizer out of the volatile gases can be well dissipated. If these materials are not placed in a small space inside the ventilation three, it will cause harm to humans.