What Are The Advantages Of Using Epoxy Soybean Oil

Epoxy soybean oil is a kind of non-toxic, odorless polyvinyl chloride plasticizer and stabilizer widely used. It can not only absorb the hydrogen chloride released by the polyvinyl chloride resin during its decomposition, but also be compatible with the polyvinyl chloride resin. The light and heat stability of polyvinyl chloride resin products can be improved by using epoxy soybean oil. Adding 5 portions to agricultural films that require high weatherability can greatly extend their service life. Using epoxy soybean oil, the material cost of polyvinyl chloride plastic products will reduce its various physical properties and to varying degrees of improvement, such as processing resistance, heat aging resistance, folding resistance.

Scope of epoxy soybean oil can be used in the formula of all soft and hard PVC products, including PVC non-toxic products, PVC transparent products, transparent bottles, transparent box, food and drug packaging materials, PVC medical products transfusion bag, PVC plastic products of outdoor use, waterproofing materials, plastic doors and Windows, wallpaper, such as plastic film must be applied epoxy soybean oil, ensure products non-toxic, transparent, light, and good thermal stability.


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