What Are The Functions Of Polyester Plasticizers In PVC Products?

Polyester plasticizers can be used in PVC products, especially as additives for high-end PVC products. Polyester plasticizers are widely used and have obvious effects in PVC products. Widely used in oil-resistant cables, gas pipes, waterproof coiled materials, artificial leather, shoe materials, high-temperature wire coatings, water tank sealing strips, gaskets and moldings for various equipment (including refrigeration equipment, motor vehicles); high-level indoor decoration Products; electrical tape; special products resistant to oil and gasoline, etc. In terms of food contact, it includes packaging films, beverage hoses, dairy machinery and bottle cap gaskets.

The role of polyester plasticizer in pvc products:

  1. Polyester plasticizer is used in rubber products to give rubber heat resistance, oil resistance, swelling resistance and migration resistance to vulcanization, and can improve the performance of rubber processing technology. Such as reducing the viscosity of the rubber compound, improving the resilience and elongation of vulcanization, and reducing the tensile strength and tearing strength of the rubber compound. It is often used in styrene-butadiene rubber and nitrile rubber products.

2. In the EVA-VC graft copolymer resin, the polyester plasticizer can be used as a hard modifier. It is used in the formulation of PVC doors, windows and other profiles, adding 6-10 parts of polyester plasticizer as After the additives, its products have excellent weather resistance and impact resistance;


3. Polyester plasticizer can be added up to 20%~70% in soft PVC products. Special nitrile rubber powder produced with polyester plasticizer can be used as modifier for PVC, ABS resin, phenolic resin, etc., which can increase material toughness and improve cold impact. Nitrile powder produced by polyester plasticizer is an ideal raw material for manufacturing oil-resistant products.

4. Using polyester plasticizers as PVC modifiers and using the produced PVC modifiers in rigid PVC formulations can improve the brittleness of PVC resins and have an excellent toughening effect. Polyester plasticizer is used for PVC materials, has excellent processing performance and scratch resistance, especially suitable for various plastic products that are resistant to oil and water.

5. In the process of using polyester plasticizer in PVC, the PVC resin and liquid plasticizer (DOP) must be absorbed before adding the polymer polyester plasticizer. The specific operation method is to absorb the PVC in the mixer When the plasticizer is in dry powder form, add polyester plasticizer. If PVC resin, DOP, and polyester plasticizer are added at the same time, the polyester plasticizer will first absorb DOP and wait for other plasticizers before PVC, which will lead to incomplete plasticization of PVC, product processing performance and PVC products The characteristics will decline.

Because polyester plasticizers have strong polarity, affinity and the characteristics of other liquid plasticizers, when polyester plasticizers can attract and fix the surface migration of other plasticizers to PVC products, , Polyester plasticizer can be used in various PVC products, especially indispensable processing aids for high-end PVC products.