What Are The Main Ingredients In Plasticizers?

Plasticizers, also known as plasticizers, plasticizers is a polymer material additives, but also environmental estrogens phthalates (PAEs), a wide range of species, the most common variety is DEHP (business name DOP). DEHP, a chemical name of two benzoic acid two (2- ethyl hexyl) ester, is a colorless, tasteless liquid, widely used in industry.


1. Phthalate Esters (PAEs) is the esterification derivative of two acid (Phthalate acid), and it is the most common plasticizer.

2. phthalic acid esters two is widely used in daily life and industry, to the adjacent benzene two formic acid two (2- ethylhexyl) ester (DEHP) is the largest, accounting for 3/4 followed by the production of plasticizer, dibutyl phthalate (DBP).

3. phthalate two plasticizer is a colorless, odorless or odorless liquid, medium viscosity, high stability, low volatility, low cost, low water solubility, but easy to dissolve in most organic solvents.

Plasticizers are widely used in the industry of polymer materials additives, in the plastic processing to add this material, it can enhance flexibility, easy processing, can be used for industrial purposes legally. Chinese Taiwan manufacturers use a common plasticizer DEHP (DINP, DNOP, DBP, DMP, DEP, etc.) instead of palm oil to prepare cloud agent, which can produce similar thickening effect with emulsifier. However, the industry pointed out that DEHP, DINP and other plasticizers do not belong to food spices raw materials. Therefore, DEHP can not only be added to food, and is not even allowed to be used in food packaging.

"Cloud agent" is a kind of legal food additives, often used in fruit juice, jam, beverage and other food, is made from Arabia gum, emulsifier, palm oil and a variety of food additives.

The molecular structures of some plasticizers are similar to hormones, known as environmental hormones, which are toxic chemicals listed in the Taiwan epa.  If eaten for a long time, it may cause abnormal reproductive system, even cause teratogenic and cancer risk.

Environmental hormones are chemicals that interfere with the endocrine system. Trace amounts of these compounds in the environment enter the body through the food chain, forming pseudo hormones, transmitting pseudo chemical signals, and affecting the hormone content in the body, thereby interfering with the endocrine mechanism, causing endocrine disorders.


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