What Are The Types Of PVC Heat Stabilizer

The common types of PVC heat stabilizers are as follows:

Heat stabilizer is a kind of additive which can prevent or reduce the degradation or crosslinking of the polymer during the process of processing, and prolongs the service life of the composite. Commonly used stabilizers can be classified into salt base, fatty acid soap, organotin compounds, compound heat stabilizers and pure organic compounds according to their main components.

1) salt based heat stabilizers: salt based stabilizers are inorganic and organic acid lead salts combined with "salt base". These stabilizers have excellent heat resistance, weatherability and electrical insulation, low cost, poor transparency, and a certain toxicity. The dosage is generally 0.5%~5.0%. (the source of the universal polyurethane network)

2) fatty acid heat stabilizer: this kind of heat stabilizer is a compound composed of fatty acid and metal ions. It is also known as metal soap heat stabilizer. Its performance is related to the type of acid and metal ions. Its general dosage is 0.1%~3.0%.

3) organic tin heat stabilizers: these heat stabilizers can form ligands with unstable chlorine atoms in PVC molecules, and in the ligands, the carboxylate groups of organic tin are replaced with unstable chlorine atoms. This kind of heat stabilizer is characterized by high stability, good transparency, excellent heat resistance and high price.

4) composite heat stabilizer: the heat stabilizer is the base class or metal soap based liquid or solid complexes and organic tin based composite material, wherein the metal salts of calcium and magnesium with zinc, barium, calcium, barium and zinc - zinc - barium - cadmium; organic organic fatty acids, naphthenic acid, oleic acid, benzoic acid and salicylic acid commonly used.

5) organic compound heat stabilizer: the heat stabilizer in addition to the main stabilizer can be used alone a few (mainly organic compounds containing nitrogen), including polyol with high boiling point and phosphate, phosphite and commonly used metal and composite stabilizer, can improve the weather resistance and transparency, improve the surface the color of products.