What Are The USES Of Epoxy Soybean Oil

Epoxy soybean oil as a PVC stabilizer lubricant and auxiliary plasticizer, its colorless and non-toxic properties, also makes it pass all environmental testing smoothly.The photothermal stability can be greatly improved with the use of small doses, and there will be obvious synergistic effect with the sharing of metal stabilizer.

It can be applied in the following aspects:

All PVC soft plastic products such as: agricultural film packaging film, artificial leather, slippers sandals rain shoes, inflatable toys, plastic bags, hoses, wires and cables skin, medical drip bag drip tube, floor mat plastic, fire hose, drip plastic dip label trademark, plastic gloves, sealing strip, coating cloth, tarpaulin canvas, wallpaper, etc.

In addition, due to its excellent photosensitivity, epoxy soybean oil has been widely used in coatings, adhesives and other fields.

Among them, there are three main characteristics in coating application: epoxy soybean oil acrylate system coating prepared by reaction with acrylic acid, cationic photocuring system coating, or mixed into some common coating systems as modifier.Epoxy soybean oil can be used for all the PVC products, especially for all kinds of plastic food packaging materials, medical RuanSu products, film, sheet, pipes, toys, refrigerators sealing strip, artificial leather, plastic wallpaper, wire and cable materials, slippers, sandals and other products, can also be used for special ink, paint, coatings, synthetic rubber and liquid compound.Using 5~10 parts of this product in general soft products can significantly improve its thermal and light stability.In special cases, add 10~30 parts in non-open air conditions, almost no other stabilizer can be added.Use this product can reduce the amount of other plasticizer, stabilizer and lubricant.


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