What Is The Action Mechanism Of Plasticizers?

Plasticizer in plastic plasticizing process can be regarded as a process of plastic resin and thickening agent of low molecular compounds are dissolved, but the plasticizer and solvent, solvent will evaporate in the process, and the plasticizer requires long-term stay in the polymer, and the chemical reaction with the resin, forming with a solid resin. The addition of plasticizer can increase the softness, flexibility, cold resistance and elongation of the plastics. Reduce the hardness, modulus, glass transition temperature, melting point, softening temperature or flow temperature of the plastics, make the viscosity of the plastic become smaller, the fluidity increases, thus improving the processing performance.

The plasticizing mechanism of plasticizers is generally believed to have the following two types:

1) when the plasticizer melt together with resin, plasticizer, small molecules will be inserted into the polymer chain, weaken the attraction between polymer chains, increasing the distance between them, the increase of mobile polymer chains may reduce polymer molecular chain entanglement between. The resin at low temperature can produce glass transition, so as to increase the plastic plastic. Thus, the gravitational attraction and entanglement between polymer chains are a major cause of plasticization.

2) the molecular structure of the polymer also affect the polymer chains between gravity, especially the properties of each group of the polymer chains, large force chains with strong polar groups, with molecular chain non polar group interactions, in order to make strong polar groups of the polymer easy molding, can be added plasticizer, increase polar groups of plasticizers and polymer polar group interactions, thus weakening the attraction between polymer, also reached the purpose of plasticizer.

From this point of view, it is the key that plasticizer acts as plasticizing agent, and the key is to weaken the force between polymers.


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