What Is The Difference Between DOTP And DINP?

DINP (diisononyl phthalate) is a commonly used plasticizer derived from the esterification of phthalic anhydride and isononyl alcohol. Diisononyl phthalate is abbreviated as DINP. This product is a transparent oily liquid with a slight odor. This product is a general-purpose main plasticizer with excellent performance. This product has good compatibility with PVC and will not precipitate even if it is used in large quantities; volatility, migration and non-toxicity are better than DOP (dioctyl phthalate), which can give the product good light resistance, heat resistance and aging resistance And electrical insulation performance, overall performance is better than DOP. Because the products produced by this product have good water resistance, extraction resistance, low toxicity, aging resistance, and excellent electrical insulation properties, they are widely used in toy films, wires, and cables.

Compared with DOP, DINP has a larger molecular weight and longer carbon chain, so it has better aging performance, anti-migration performance, anti-extraction performance and higher high temperature resistance. Correspondingly, under the same conditions, the plasticizing effect of DINP is slightly worse than that of D0P. It is generally believed that DINP is more environmentally friendly than DOP.

DINP has superiority in improving extrusion efficiency. Under typical extrusion processing conditions, DINP can reduce the melt viscosity of the compound more than DOP, which helps to reduce die pressure, reduce mechanical wear or increase extrusion productivity (up to 21%). This increase in productivity can It can be realized without changing product formula and production process, without additional fixed investment, without additional energy consumption, and maintaining product quality.

The specific application industry of DOTP plasticizer: DOTP has good electrical and thermal properties. It can replace DOP in PVC plastic electrical wire sheath, and can also be used in the production of artificial leather film. In addition, it has excellent compatibility and can also be used for plasticizing acrylonitrile derivatives, polyvinyl butyral, rubber, nitrocellulose, etc. It also plays a role in improving the hardness and deformability of the product, and can be used as a softening agent in rubber, neoprene, EPDM and other products. Especially used in cable materials, it has good plasticizing effect and low volatility. It is widely used in various products that require heat resistance and high insulation. It is an ideal plasticizer for the production of temperature-resistant 70℃ cable materials and other PVC products that require volatile resistance. Agent.

DOTP is also used in high-quality lubricants or lubricating additives for furniture and interior decoration paints, coatings and precision instruments, nitro varnish additives, paper softeners, polyester amide biaxially stretched films, film plastic crafts, plasma storage bags, etc. It is a versatile plasticizer.

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