What Is The Difference Between Epoxy Soybean Oil And Plasticizer DBP And DOP?

Epoxidized soybean oil is a widely used non-toxic and odorless plasticizer and stabilizer for polyvinyl chloride and neoprene. It has good stability to light and heat, good compatibility, low volatility and migration. Small, it can absorb the hydrogen chloride released by the polyvinyl chloride resin during the decomposition, and can be compatible with the polyvinyl chloride, which is of great significance for improving the physical properties of the polyvinyl chloride product and prolonging the service life of the product. The epoxy soybean oil is applied to the poly Non-toxic products such as vinyl chloride, transparent products, pellets, transparent bottle caps, food, pharmaceutical packaging materials, polyvinyl chloride medical products, blood transfusion bags, sample paper, waterproof membranes, plastic film, etc., can ensure that the products are non-toxic and transparent. , excellent thermal stability, product life extension.

DBP dibutyl phthalate and DOP dioctyl phthalate are phthalate plasticizers and are widely used.

The main difference between the three:

1. Appearance, epoxy soybean oil: light yellow oily liquid; DBP: colorless transparent liquid; DOP: colorless oily liquid.

2. Chemical structure, epoxy soybean oil is an epoxy compound, DBP and DOP are phthalates.

3. Polar group, the polar group of epoxy soybean oil is epoxy, DBP and DOP are ester groups.

4. Main performance and application, DBP and DOP compatibility, plasticizing effect are good, performance is more comprehensive, often used as the main plasticizer, but due to greater volatility, poor durability, DOP and PVC PVC Resins can be well mixed, because they have good electrical properties, good low temperature, low volatility, and relatively low extraction and toxicity, and many other advantages, so they can be used satisfactorily. In the formulation, such as cables, films, etc.

Epoxidized soybean oil has good flame resistance, weather resistance, low volatility, low migration, good compatibility with PVC, attention to heat-resistant wires and agricultural films, and because they are non-toxic, they can also be used. Used on food packaging materials.

5. In terms of output, DBP and DOP account for about 80% of all plasticizers.

6. In terms of price, DBP and DOP are moderately priced, and epoxidized soybean oil is more expensive.


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