What Is The Main Component Of Plasticizer

Phthalates are the most widely used plasticizers, many varieties, large yield. Currently phthalate production accounts for about 80% of the total amount of plasticizers, phthalates have a comparison Comprehensive performance, generally used as the main plasticizer, commonly used in phthalates with DOP, DIOP, DIDP and DBP, etc., while DOP is the most widely used, the largest output.

(1) DOP is the so-called ace of the plasticizer dioctyl phthalate, a colorless or light yellow oily liquid. Insoluble in water, can be used for most organic solvents and hydrocarbons, and polyvinyl chloride, chlorine - Vinegar, polystyrene, with methyl methacrylate, cellulose and other good compatibility. Has excellent plasticizing effect, low volatility, mobility, cold, UV, water pumping, soft It is a kind of widely used and rational main plasticizer which is mainly used in the plasticization of polyvinyl chloride, fiber and so on.

(2) DIDP diodecyl phthalate, a viscous oily liquid with low solubility in water, soluble in alcohols, ketones, ethers, etc .. With nitrocellulose, ethyl cellulose, polyvinyl chloride, Vinegar and other good compatibility. Can be used as the main plasticizer of vinyl resin, fiber plastic resin. Volatile, migration resistance, extraction resistance, electrical properties are good; but because of high molecular weight, compatibility, Plasticized small chlorine, cold resistance are less than the DOP, and will change color when heated, through the phenolic antioxidant and to prevent it by its plasticized products, flexibility with small changes in temperature, especially for wire, cable sheathing , Agricultural thin die, conveyor belts, etc .. Used for plasticizing pot can improve its mobility, viscosity changes when stored small.

(3) DIOP Dioctyl phthalate, a transparent oily liquid, insoluble in water, soluble in most organic solvents, with nitrocellulose, ethyl cellulose, polyvinyl chloride, chlorine-vinegar Good compatibility, less toxicity, better light and thermal stability, while plasticizing efficiency, electrical properties, low temperature flexibility and non-volatility are slightly worse than DOP, which can be used as a substitute for DOP. As the main plasticizer of PVC, vinyl chloride copolymer, fiber plastic resin, etc. It is especially suitable for polyvinyl chloride plasticizer paste, which has a small initial viscosity and little change in viscosity after storage.

(4) DBP phthalate dibutyl colorless liquid, soluble in water, soluble in ether, ethanol and other oil capacity in nitrocellulose, ethyl cellulose, with methyl methacrylate, acetic acid Vinyl ester, chlorine - vinegar resin, polystyrene and other good compatibility. Strong plasticizing ability, can be used as the main plasticizer.

Its advantages: (1) good compatibility with the polymer, can give the product good flexibility;

(2) low price, is currently one of the largest plasticizer production in China. The disadvantage is volatile; water extractable. Mainly used as the main plasticizer of cellulose resin and polyvinyl chloride resin; can also be used Alkyd, polystyrene, polyvinyl acetate and other plasticizers.


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