What Is The Role Of Stabilizers In Plastics?

In the polyvinyl chloride resin stabilizer, mainly to prevent or alleviate the resin in high temperature plasticization process decomposition, and the use of the product after the formation process, the environment of light and oxygen on its role, so that Resulting in chemical changes, while changing the overall performance of the words, shorten the life of the product; In addition, the resin added before processing this stabilizer, will also reduce the difficulty of processing PVC products molded products.

 Stabilizers should have the following functions

(1) can suppress or prevent resin degradation, extend product life.

(2) to absorb ultraviolet light or shielding UV damage to the resin.

(3) There is a certain anti-oxidation, to prevent the degradation of plastic products discoloration.

(4) to join the PVC resin-based mixture should be no chemical reaction with other additives, does not affect the performance of products.

(5) Stabilizers According to their functional classification, can be divided into heat stabilizers, antioxidants and light stabilizers


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