What Is The Role Of The Epoxy Soybean Oil System In PVC?

The role of epoxy soybean oil system in PVC:

(1) in the plasticizing system of epoxidized soybean oil, the stabilizing effect of KGF-R is fully exerted. From 200 to KGF-R thermal stability time, KGF-R > environmental friendly powdery composite > cyanuric acid lead > compound lead salt.

(2) from the auxiliary stabilizing effect of the epoxy soybean oil, it plays the most important role in the calcium and zinc system.

(3) the synergistic use of calcium zinc series stabilizers and epoxy soybean oil is better for stability.

(4) there is a need to explain, have a certain impact on the electrical properties of epoxy soybean oil loss and flame retardant properties, flame retardant insulation material can not in high above the extensive use of epoxy soybean oil, to a certain extent restricts the application of epoxy soybean oil system on high flame retardant insulating material;

(5) the application of the epoxy soybean oil system on the sheathing material can not only make the ingredients of the formula play their respective roles, but also make the production more stable and reduce the losses caused by the unstable production.

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