What’s The Factor Cause To Exude For The Plasticizer

Plasticizer was added to the polymer to increase material, giving products softness of functional chemical products, so far can production and consumption is the largest fertilizer types.These daily consumer products all added the plasticizer,such as sofa leather, quilts vacuum bags, student raincoat, slippers and so on.

But as time goes on, plasticizer in plastic to send, seepage and dissolution methods migrated to the products surface, contact with the surface of the medium or released into the environment, causing products performance decline,on the other hand volatile, seepage and dissolution of plasticizer on content, medium as well as the environmental pollution caused by the contact.Because variety of plasticizer has the different compatibility with the plastic,if the compatibility is bad,the plasticizer is easy to be separated out.The plasticizer be separate out with solid,commonly know as “bloom”;Precipitation of liquid plasticizer , is called”exudation”.In fact, the factory will add the different copies of plasticizer according to the plastic product hardness.

Therefore, it is necessary to analyzed for different varieties, different number of plasticizer of seepage.On the same condition,the seepage will be increased when the copies of plasticizer are added more in Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) system.In industrial used, most of the plasticizer more than 33% copies of quantity,soft  products can reach 43% of plasticizer. It separates out easily with high proportion plasticizer in the product.Because the more plasticzier you add, but the saturation is fixed so it will high risk for precipitation.Moreover, the precipitation of plasticizer is very sensitive to temperature.It will separate out more with the temperature rise.But,there is difference obviously with different plasticizer to the temperature.