What To Do With Frozen ESO?

Epoxidized Soybean Oil, molecular weight about 1000, boiling point(0.5kPa) 150℃,flash point 300℃, viscosity(25℃)325mPa·s, Refractive index 1.4713(25℃), freezing point 5℃. 

With minimal toxicity, Epoxidized soybean oil become popular in soft PVC industry. 

But many clients face the problem of ESO being frozen in winter. It shows that it becomes white and sticky at first , then freeze as time goes by.  If time for low temperature is long enough, it can even become rigid solid, just like ice. 

Many kinds of oils can be raw material of epoxy plasticizers. Soybean oil belongs to three fatty acid glycerides.  Its principal component is 18-carbon fatty acids. Soybean oil is a good choice of epoxy plasticizer raw material, because the content of double ond in soybean oil is high, which is a factor of high epoxy value. 

During the production of epoxy soybean oil, oxygen atoms and carbon-carbon double bonds form a ring, which saturate the molecular from unsaturated. This is also a reason why epoxidized soybean oil is more easily frozen than pure soybean oil. 

Don't worry. Epoxidized soybean oil has stable chemical property.  You only need to heat it. The epoxidized soybean oil melts after heated with unchanged charateristic.  

Suggestion on storage for clients who has 0℃ in winter: 

1. If you buy ESO with iron drum/ IBC packing, please store it indoor. 

2. If you buy ESO by bulk, you'd better have insulated tank .


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