Why JIAAO J800 Chlorinated Plasticizers Are So Popular?

The demand for eco - friendly plasticizers are particularly large. What are the advantages of environmentally friendly plasticizers that make them so popular? Here are some of the advantages of JIAAO environmentally friendly plasticizers- J800 Chlorinated Plasticizer:

1. Most of JIAAO Plasticizers are odorless: rubber and plastic products treated with methyl chlorinated have better odorless and low odor effects than ordinary plasticizers such as DOP, DOTP and citric acid ester. In China, this product is mainly used in the production of various rubber and plastic packaging and inner cushion materials that are in direct contact with food. In addition, with the continuous improvement of the odor requirements of automotive interior parts, this product has been used by customers for the production of automotive instruments. In the sheet, it replaces the instrument panel materials that the original car manufacturer originally needed to import; in the export market, it mainly uses environmentally friendly rubber and plastics with high odor requirements such as children's toys, medical products and household items exported to the EU and Japan. product. .

2. No odor and smoke during processing: Compared with the use of doping, the workshop smoke is reduced by 90% and the odor is greatly reduced, which greatly improves the processing workshop and surrounding environment, and better guarantees. jobs. The health of the people.

3, excellent plasticizing performance: the actual use proves that the plasticizing performance is better than dop. Add the same amount of this product and DOP to make the finished product separately. The finished product using this product has better physical properties. In particular, at the same elongation, the finished product using the product is better than using DOP. The finished product has greater tensile strength, which is an important but less familiar indicator of the plasticizer's plasticizing properties.

4. Provide better product transparency: In products that require transparency, this product can achieve better product transparency than other plasticizers (including dopants). This feature is currently popular with more and more users.

5, excellent compatibility: 100 parts of pvc, can add up to 120 parts of J800 Chlorinated Plasticizer, in this addition, long-term storage, long-distance high-temperature shipping, etc., the surface products are still clean, dry, not greasy .

6, anti-migration and penetration: its anti-migration, exudation characteristics exceed dop.


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