Why Should Epoxidized Soybean Oil Be Treated With Alkali Washing And Formic Acid Wastewater Treatment?

Generally, after the preparation of the epoxidized soybean oil, the reaction vessel is filled with various foreign substances of the reaction, and accordingly, corresponding measures are taken to solve the mixing in the crude epoxidized soybean oil.


   Among the foreign substances in this impurity, there is a substance called formic acid. If the formic acid reaction is not absorbed by the alkali washing, the reverse reaction of the formic acid will make the preparation reaction of the epoxidized soybean oil not complete enough, thereby affecting the epoxy soybean oil. The epoxy value, which affects the quality of the epoxy soy oil product.


   Therefore, it can be said that the alkaline washing process of epoxidized soybean oil is an indispensable part, and the more commonly selected alkali neutralizing agent is sodium hydroxide solution (NAOH solution), and the surface of the neutralizing agent is used. Wide range, low price, good neutralization effect.