Why Use Environmentally Friendly Plasticizers?

We all know that plasticizers have been widely used in medicine, food packaging, daily necessities, toys, etc. In recent years, we have found that environmentally friendly plasticizers have also begun to be slowly used in these industries, so why Should we use environmentally friendly plasticizers? We can analyze the effects of plasticizers and the benefits of environmentally friendly plasticizers.

The role of plasticizer

1. Increase the flexibility of the polymer

One of the functions of plasticizers is to increase the flexibility of polymers. It is for this reason that plasticizers have a wide range of uses in medicine and toys. Many people know that plasticizers can be used as additives in plastics, but they do not know that they can also be used in medical equipment. In general, in intravenous (IV) infusion bags and lines, umbilical artery catheters, blood bags and infusion lines, enteral nutrition feeding bags, nasogastric tubes, peritoneal dialysis bags and lines, extracorporeal circulation (CPB) lines , Membrane lung oxygenation tubing (ECMO) and dialysis tubing have added plasticizers.

2. Lower the glass transition temperature

The mechanism of lowering the glass transition temperature is that when the plasticizer and the resin are melted together, the small molecules of the plasticizer will be inserted between the polymer molecular chains, weakening the attraction between the polymer molecular chains and increasing them As a result, it increases the possibility of polymer molecular chain movement and reduces the entanglement between polymer molecular chains, so that the resin can undergo glass transition at a lower temperature, thereby increasing the plasticity of the plastic.

3. Reduce the surface hardness of the polymer

The effect of reducing the surface hardness of the polymer lies in the nature of the groups on the polymer molecular chain. The force between molecular chains with strong polar groups is large, and the force between molecular chains with non-polar groups is small. Polymers with polar groups are easy to form, and plasticizers can be added. The polar groups of the plasticizers will interact with the polar groups of the polymer, thereby weakening the attractive force between the polymers, and achieving increased The purpose of plastic.

4. Reduce melt viscosity

This effect is mainly reflected in records and packaging materials. The key role is succinate compounds. They can copolymerize with each other to obtain impact and cold resistance polyvinyl chloride copolymers, and the processed plastics The agent can reduce the viscosity of the melt.

Benefits of environmentally friendly plasticizers

We have already introduced why plasticizers are used above. The use of environmentally friendly plasticizers is an inevitable trend in the use of plasticizers. From the above introduction, we can see that there are still many plasticizers used, but as a chemical substance, excessive use is likely to bring pressure to environmental protection. Why do we say this? The increase in the use of plasticizers will increase the corresponding waste products. Once the waste products accumulate, some chemical reactions will occur, which will be beyond our control. But on the one hand, the role of plasticizers is still very large, so people have produced environmentally friendly plasticizers to relieve environmental pressure. In this way, environmentally friendly plasticizers are still necessary.