Wood-plastic Products

Wood-plastic has high fire resistance and can effectively flame retardant.Wood-plastic products are easy to install, convenient to construct, do not need complex construction technology, save installation time and cost.Wood-plastic products do not crack, do not expand, do not deformation, no maintenance and maintenance, easy to clean, save later maintenance and maintenance costs.Wood-plastic floor sound absorption effect is good, good energy conservation, so that the indoor energy saving up to more than 30%.Many excellent performance, decided that the wood plastic products in the development of the green campus will occupy a place.

The surface is resistant to slip and wear-resisting, and it is comfortable to trample on.Various color adjustable, long - term use will not fade.Construction is simple, good physical performance, arbitrary modeling, moisture-proof floor in beicheng new area, simple splicing, time saving, labor saving, low labor cost.Easy to maintain and clean, no maintenance after one installation, easy to clean, dishcloth can be wiped and washed, and long outdoor service life.

Moderate price, compare with real wood and other material, what does moistureproof floor have, can reclaim, do not need to maintain, install labor saving, reduce greatly shop outfit use cost.Moistureproof floor price, green environmental protection, without any toxic effect, to the human body to the environment without any, do not contain radioactive elements and harmful chemicals, is the outdoor ground pavement material.High insulation ensures its high quality in energy saving and safety.Outdoor floor wholesale manufacturers - jiangsu fuluo plastic wood technology co., LTD. Adequate supply, welcome customers to come to buy!Nowadays wood-plastic materials are used in many places in life

Because woodplastic waterproof floor held the characteristic of lumber and plastic concurrently, so its waterproof, moistureproof property is very good, this very good solution traditional woodiness product is right damp and the problem such as after absorbing moisture in much water environment, expand deformation.Color choice is much, the simple sense that has natural wood already and woodiness grain, still can be very according to his requirement custom-made the color that needs.The plasticity of wood model waterproof floor is strong, modelling is very simple, and still can realize individuation modelling, reflect individual character style adequately.

Environmental protection performance is good, pollution-free, pollution-free, can be recycled, and wood plastic waterproof floor does not contain benzene, and the content of formaldehyde is, lower than the EO level standard, for Europe grade environmental protection standard, but also very good to save the use of wood.Good fire resistance, effective flame retardant, fire level reached B1, in case of fire can be self-extinguishing, the sea does not produce any toxic gas.The installation is simple, the construction is convenient, does not need the particularly multifarious construction craft, this has saved the installation time and the expense to a great extent.

The material of wood model waterproof floor can be old plastic, crop straw is waited a moment, because this is very safe, and the most important is it can recycle use, this is very accord with the consciousness of environmental protection, the new-style product that regeneration saves.Plastic wood material in the United States, Canada, Germany, and the United Kingdom and many other developed countries have a relatively wide range of applications.


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