Plasticizers For PVC

Plasticizers For PVC
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TOTM Plasticizers for PVC

Scientific Name: Trioctyl Trimellitate       

H. S. CODE: 2917399090

CAS NO.: 3319-31-1

Molecular Weight: 546.23

Molecular Formula: C33H54O6

TOTM is the major durable and heat resistance plasticizer. Concurrently, it bears the virtue of polyester plasticizers and monomer plasticizers, and is similar to phthalic ester plasticizer in terms of plasticizing efficiency and processing behavior. Its compatibility, plasticizing performance, low temperature performance and electrical property are all better than polyester plasticizer. It is mainly used for the production of heat resistance wire and cable material, and other durable and heat resistance plank stuff, sheet material, sealing plate and so on.

Standard: Q/THG 008

Package:200KGS/Iron Drum,1MT/IBC TANK,22MTS/Flexitank

Brand: Zhejiang Jiaao

Why choose us?

--We are a Chinese stock-listed company. After years of hard work, company now has formed the 3 main product species, i.e. Epoxy products, Fossil products and Multifunctional composite products.

Company was named "2011 Top 10 Plasticizer Enterprises in China" by China Plasticizer Industry Association. Presided the industry standards drafting of two environmental-friendly plasticizer "epoxy soybean oil" and "epoxy fatty acid methyl ester", which laid a foundation for the standardization development of environmental-friendly plasticizer industry.

The company has passed ISO14001 environmental management system certification and ISO9001 quality management system certification, and its trademark "JIAAO JIAAO" has been recognized as a famous trademark in Zhejiang Province.

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