Primary,eco-friendly And Transparent Liquid Plasticizer

Primary,eco-friendly And Transparent Liquid Plasticizer
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Primary,eco-friendly and Transparent Liquid plasticizer

DOTP is an environmentally friendly plasticizer which can totally replace DOP/DINP.The compatibility with PVC is good.Heat resistance,aging resistance,non-migration property and low temperature property are better than Dop/Dinp.It is widely used in film,leather,toys,cable & wire,hose,shoes & gasket etc...

DOTP could be used as the main plasticizer for PVC product manufacturer,good heat and electrical property make it an ideal plasticizer in PVC cable sheat and artificial leather manufacturer.Also could be used in acrylonitrile derivatives,polyvinyl butyral,chemigum,nitrocellulose to improve product morphotropy.

DOTP could be used in furniture and decoration paint,coating,lubricating oil or lubricating oil additive for precise instruments,nitrocellulose varnish agent,paper softener,polyesteramide film,plastic artifact and blood bag.

Standard: Q/JAAO2008-018

Standard   Item

Grade One

Color  Shade, (Pt- Co ) max


Density   ( 20deg.c) g /cm3


Acidity , m g KOH/g max


Flashing Point, dge.c min


Moisture,  % max


Volume resistivity ohm.c m min


Package: 200kgs net, in steel drum or HDPE drum

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