Cheap Automatic Swing Gate Opener Came Italy Motor

Cheap Automatic Swing Gate Opener Came Italy Motor
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Nontoxic plasticizer JLD-800

Product Description:

This eco-friendly plasticizer is based from natural plant oil. It is produced through specific process of purifying linseed oil derivatives and saturating unsaturated bonds which may affect intermiscibility and stability. Therefore this light color product is better soluble with PVC than DOP and have high plasticizing efficiency, mechanical property, processability, stain resistance property, cold resistance property and weather resistance property. It can completely replace DOP when applying to soft PVC products. Furthermore, this product has passed European Union(EU)'s certifications of RoHs, REACH and tests of 16P. It is valued as the optimal plasticizer exporting to EU.



Grade One

COLOR(pt-co rimetric)


Acid Value mg KOH/g      Max


Moisture(%)    Max


Density 20?, g/cm3


Application field:

Widely used in PVC rolling and extrusion and soft/hard/semi-hard moulding, such as artificial leather, leather flooring, cable and wire, conveyer belt, shoe sole, PVC foam board, sealing strip, rubber and plastic, rolling film, printing film, foam sheet, foam, tube,textilene and cable granulation. 

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