Full Protection PC-Tlr10000va Voltage Stabilizer for Air Conditioner

Full Protection PC-Tlr10000va Voltage Stabilizer for Air Conditioner
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Calcium/zinc complex stabilizer JCZ-711


JCZ-711is kind of stabilizer that based on the organic acid salt of calcium/zinc, compounded by imported raw material with new technique.


Non-toxicity and no odor; free of any toxic heavy metal like lead, cadmium and barium etc, proved by SGS.

Great static and dynamic thermal stability 

combined with light stability and sulphur vapor ability

well dispersivity and no plate-out problems

well processability and great rang of work by increasing products’ physical property

High lubricating effect





White power

Metal oxide% min


M.p.  ? min


Volatile% max



Apply to environment-friendly and hardness PVC products, like pressure water pipe etc.

Recommend usage   3-5phr


25Kg net weight per bag. Keep dry in normal temperature.

Jiaao Enprotech is one of the top level China Ca-Zn Stabilizer manufacturers and suppliers, with professional factory, we are always able to offer you best non-toxic calcium zinc complex heat stabilizer jcz-711 from factory products.

Our company aim to provide world wide brand of made-in-China Full Protection PC-Tlr10000va Voltage Stabilizer for Air Conditioner. We will continue to reform and innovate, improve quality and customer satisfaction to achieve common value and higher expectations. We welcome your inquiries. Through systematic, planned and targeted training, we have taken our management level, ability and efficiency to a new level.
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