High Purity Calcium Stearate for PVC Stabilizer CAS 1592-23-0

High Purity Calcium Stearate for PVC Stabilizer CAS 1592-23-0
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'Thoughtful, comprehensive and timely service' is our eternal commitment! We can quickly respond to the market and produce soybean oil freezing point, biomass fuel, Heating Stabilizer that meet the needs of different customer groups. While actively fulfilling our social responsibilities, we have also established a positive corporate image. The perfection of system, the development of theory and the progress of methods require the continuous improvement of enterprise management to ensure its scientific and advanced management. Our company strictly follows the scientific and complete quality management system. The spirit of honesty is the foundation for our company and our employees to settle down and establish a good communication atmosphere and mutual trust.

Liquid Barium-Zinc stabilizer JBZ-116


JBZ-116, transparent yellow liquid, is a type of liquid barium-zinc stabilizer with great thermal stability, transparence, resistance to vulcanization pollution, Self-lubricating and anti-separating. It will have better effect when it is combined with epoxy soybean oil. Without containing cadmium, our product has been approved by SGS and conformed to RoHs requirement. JBZ-116 are used in transparent calendered film, low mammalian toxicity packaging film, artificial leather, shoes materials, labels etc.





transparent primrose yellow liquid

Metal content


Specific Gravity


Recommended formulation:

Product Name

Reference Volume




Proper quantities

Epoxidized soybean oil


Stabilizer JBZ-116



Proper quantities

Storage:180KG drum in dry place

Jiaao Enprotech is one of the top level China Ba-Zn Stabilizer manufacturers and suppliers, with professional factory, we are always able to offer you best eco-friendly liquid barium zinc complex stabilizer jbz-116 from factory products.

We uphold the concept of providing customers with value-added services. What is sold is not just a single product, but a excellent High Purity Calcium Stearate for PVC Stabilizer CAS 1592-23-0 solution for customers, which brings real value enhancement to customers. We hope we can establish long-term cooperation with all of the customers. Our company adheres to the principle of commercial integrity, we can do a good job of commercial confidentiality for customers.
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