Liquid Ba Zn Stabilizer for Soft PVC Plastics

Liquid Ba Zn Stabilizer for Soft PVC Plastics
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Liquid Barium-Zinc stabilizer JBZ-116


JBZ-116, transparent yellow liquid, is a type of liquid barium-zinc stabilizer with great thermal stability, transparence, resistance to vulcanization pollution, Self-lubricating and anti-separating. It will have better effect when it is combined with epoxy soybean oil. Without containing cadmium, our product has been approved by SGS and conformed to RoHs requirement. JBZ-116 are used in transparent calendered film, low mammalian toxicity packaging film, artificial leather, shoes materials, labels etc.





transparent primrose yellow liquid

Metal content


Specific Gravity


Recommended formulation:

Product Name

Reference Volume




Proper quantities

Epoxidized soybean oil


Stabilizer JBZ-116



Proper quantities

Storage:180KG drum in dry place

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