NMDA Supplement NMDA Encephalitis Treatment NMDA Antidepressants N-Methyl-D-Aspartic Acid

NMDA Supplement NMDA Encephalitis Treatment NMDA Antidepressants N-Methyl-D-Aspartic Acid
Product Details
We use the corporate philosophy as the basis to absorb the customer's point of view, and think from the customer's perspective, so as to continuously improve our epoxy form, high temperature resistant plasticizer, ester acid. We would like to thank friends from all walks of life for their long-term support and trust. Our company implements independent operation and self-financing in accordance with market-oriented and enterprise-oriented operation and management. In order to occupy the market, our company takes the product quality as one of the important goals of the enterprise, so as to avoid being eliminated in the fierce competition.


Standard: accordant to Q/JAAO2012-018





Color Shade (pt-co)



Epoxy Value (%)




Density (20?, g/cm3)



Iodine Value (%)


Acid Value(mg KOH/g)


Moisture Content(%)


Flash Point (?)



Usage and Dosage:

Jointly used with polyester plasticizers, it can reduce their mobility, while with metal heat stabilizers, it would greatly enhance their stability, and the dosage of these metal stabilizers necessary can be reduced to only one third of that used alone. As far as compatibility with PVC, ESO is equivalent to DOP and is better in terms of plasticizing efficiency. Thus the total need of plasticizers would be less. It does not only bring down the cost, but also improves the technical standard of our products, such as the tolerance of impact, transparency, printability, weld ability and so on. 5~10 portion of ESO would remarkably ameliorate the heat and light stability of soft products. Under special situation, 10~30 portion of ESO used non-open-air, no other stabilizers is necessary. The addition of this chemical, will cut down the amount of other plasticizers, stabilizers and lubricants needed.

Package: net weight 200KG iron drum, 1000KG IBC tank or Flexi-bag in Bulk

Storage: over 1 years normally

We thinks what customers think, the urgency of urgency to act during the interests of a purchaser position of theory, allowing for much better good quality, lower processing costs, prices are extra reasonable, won the new and old buyers the support and affirmation for Online Exporter for NMDA Supplement NMDA Encephalitis Treatment NMDA Antidepressants N-Methyl-D-Aspartic Acid. A sound and complete sales network, fast and thoughtful logistics, and professional and meticulous technical service have formed our core competitive advantage to win in the market competition. Since our company was founded for many years, with the care for and help of friends, we have rapidly developed and have gotten stronger in the industry.
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