White Or Yellowish Powder, Be Used Black、dark Color Of Pro-environment Stabilizers

White Or Yellowish Powder, Be Used Black、dark Color Of Pro-environment Stabilizers
Product Details

Product Model:RT-500B

Product Features:

1?The pro-environment stabilizers own excellent heat-proof which can effectively reduce PVC thermal decomposition, and it’s not clay, also the colloidal particles without pores and grains. Making products with bright surface.

2?The pro-environment stabilizers can promote plasticizing strongly which can effectively reduce about 10 ? of the processing temperature. So that it could save energy and reduce the wear of machine screw.

3?The pro-environment will have a good synergistic effect with epoxidized soybean oil.

4?The pro-environment stabilizers own excellent performance of anti- blooming and spit white.

5?The pro-environment stabilizers have a good electrical insulation, and it’s waterproof and oil-proof. It can be propitious to secondary processing by the strong water absorption resistance

6?The pro-environment stabilizers own good properties of anti-oxidation, anti-aging and weathering resistance, and it’s odorless.

7?The pro-environment stabilizers can be applicable to UL (90 ?), VDE, CAS, JIS, CCC...etc and non-standard wire and cable.

Product application:

The pro-environment calcium-zinc stabilizers can be used for the pro-environment PVC black and dark color pellets extrusion, and the part of pro-environmental toys pellets etc

Recommended usage:The pro-environment stabilizers use volume from 5 to 6 per 100 PVC

Versatile formula:






Epoxidized soybean oil




According to hardness







Note: Note: 1. According to the processing machine and formulations, and you should change the lubricant system reasonably.
2. When you use a certain amount of chlorinated paraffin and in the soft material, you should reduce dosage of the stearic acid and PE wax, also you should test performance of the precipitation.

Standard:According to the third party international speciation, the product conforms RoHS, PAHs(18 items), Phthalates(21 kinds), PFOS/PFOA, NP,BPA,REACH-SVHC.

Product Storing:

Advice to put the product in dry and draft chamber. Please using up asap once package opened

Product Packaging:25kg / Package ( PE intima bag )

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