Pro-environment Stabilizer

Pro-environment Stabilizer
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Product Details

Product Model:RT-500D

Product Features:

1. The pro-environment stabilizers can promote plasticizing strongly which can effectively reduce about 10℃ of the processing temperature. So that it could save energy and reduce the wear of machine screw.

2. The pro-environment stabilizers own an excellent initial coloring and heat resistance,and good surface brightness of products

3. The pro-environment stabilizers own a good electrical insulation, and it’s waterproof and oil-proof.

4. The pro-environment stabilizers own good properties of anti-oxidation, anti-aging and weathering resistance. The white and light-colored products do not fade, and its color is stable.

5. The pro-environment stabilizers applies to the wire and cable of GB90-?and VDE-V2V2 , and the Congo red time is more than 240 minute.

Product application:

The pro-environment stabilizers can be used for the product which complies with high heat requirements of the GB90 - II type and the VDE - V2V2 type.

Recommended Dosage:5~10 /100 PVC powder


According to the third party international speciation, the product conforms RoHS, PAHs(18 items), Phthalates(21 kinds), PFOS/PFOA, NP,BPA,REACH-SVHC.

Product Storing:Advice to put the product in dry and draft chamber. Please using up asap once package opened

Product Packaging: 25kg / Package ( PE intima bag )