Ca-Zn heat Stabilizer

Ca-Zn heat Stabilizer
Product Details

Product Model: RT-702

Product Features:

1. The product has the characteristics of slippery, good fluidity, good processing performance, and can be applied to more demanding process conditions

2. Unique structure, good heat resistance, can effectively inhibit the thermal decomposition of PVC, HCL absorption capacity

3. Good pigmentation in the early stage, good heat resistance and good weather resistance in the later stage

4. Good printability of products, and ink adhesion, in high and low temperature environment without ink is not good

5. It can be applied to different formulation systems, products without frost spraying and precipitation, no sulfur pollution

6. It has a good reinforcing effect on PVC and good tensile strength after aging

7. Excellent antioxidant capacity, no smell

Product application: Used for the production of various light color PVC advertising film

Usage and Dosage:





Pigment and other


24-50 above


right amount

The user to adjust


According to the third party international specification, the product conforms EN71-3, RoHS, PAHs(18 items), Phthalates(21 kinds), PFOS/PFOA, NP,BPA,REACH-SVHC.

Product Storing: Advice to put the product in dry and draft chamber. Please using up asap once package opened 

Product Packaging:25kg / Package ( PE intima bag )


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