Good White Ca-Zn Stabilizer

Good White Ca-Zn Stabilizer
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Product Details

Product Model:RT-600B

Product Features:

1.The pro-environment stabilizers own the excellent heat resistance and the thermal stability, and low dosage 

2.The pro-environment stabilizers own high transparency, and end product will not be mist like

3. The pro-environment stabilizers are odorless, and with good hydrolysis resistance

4.The pro-environment stabilizers own excellent initial coloring and long-term weathering resistance.

5.The pro-environment stabilizers own excellent antioxidant and anti- patina.

6.The pro-environment stabilizers own excellent dynamic processing and can be used widely


Product Usage:

The pro-environment stabilizers are used for pro-environment transparent PVC wire pellets which contact with copper or other metal.

Versatile formula:





Epoxidized soybean oil

Application process


25PHR above


Right amount



Note: 1. According to the processing machine and formulations, and you should change the lubricant system reasonably, and please use the lubricant with a good transparency. In order to make your products have better quality, please pay attention to the choice of lubricant while using our products. If you need, please contact us.


According to the third party international speciation, the product conforms RoHS, PAHs(18 items), Phthalates(21 kinds), PFOS/PFOA, NP,BPA,REACH-SVHC.

Product Storing:

Advice to put the product in dry and draft chamber. Please using up asap once package opened

Product Packaging:25kg / Package ( PE intima bag )

PVC heat stabilizer is mainly used in PVC and other chlorinated polymers. It is found that PVC plastic can only be processed and formed at more than 160℃, and it starts thermal decomposition at 120~130℃, releasing HCl gas. If the generation of HCl is not inhibited, the decomposition will be further intensified. This problem was once a major problem that plagued the development and application of PVC plastics.

It is found that if PVC plastics contain a small amount of impurities such as lead salt, metal soap, phenol, aromatic amine and so on, it will not affect its processing and application, but also can delay its thermal decomposition to a certain extent. The above problems were solved, which promoted the establishment and development of the research field of heat stabilizer.